Gluten Free Fellowship (Pt 1) – open letter to my friends

One of the most difficult things about being gluten free has been the problem of how to share meals with other people without getting sick. Over my two-year hiatus in blogging, this has been the thing that most often came to my mind as a topic for a post. So here it is: an open letter to my old friends, my new friends, and those who will become my friends one day.

Dear friends,

Here in the Geoffrey household, sharing a meal together is a really important thing. We believe that eating together is a crucial form of fellowship, especially in light of seeing how the early believers broke bread together daily from house to house. Eating together goes beyond sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences with one another—it is a tangible expression of shared lives.

As you might already know, my gluten issues have drastically changed our lifestyle. Discovering that other members of the family have at least some level of sensitivity to gluten has only compounded the issue. We have to maintain a high level of vigilance all the time—not just about what I eat, but about what I touch (because things you touch have a funny way of somehow finding their way into your mouth), what’s in the air I breathe, and what possible contamination my food may have encountered along it’s journey to my mouth.

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